Custom/Hybrid List of All Aftermarket Hulls.


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cant forget @CrazyJoesRacing B.A.M. hull, using the latest military composite tech. 5 currently molded, 2 of which are being ridden. They're square nose based and ride very similar, perfect for the people wanting a light hull for tricks that still rides comfotably. hull built are carbon, glass, and glass/carbon hybrid. latest carbon weighs in at 48lbs with hood and ride plate, glass: 70, and hybrid: 60. our first glass hull has taken a serious beating with absolutely no stress cracks.
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Toby made a hull??


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Loved riding the TOBY was super fun. I also love the classic, simple top deck look. However, it rides nothing like how it is super playful, and was a handful even with the 800ish motor in it.


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Dat biotch is a "sleeper."
Me likes.
How's the surf ride Toby?

I personally miss having an external fuel fill option.

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hull length.jpg T1 is proof you do not have to be SUPER SHORT to be a fun flatwater hull. First 2 questions about my T1 are always:
WEIGHT= mine (# 1.5 out the molds) 245 RTR rides super light
LENGTH = -4.5" on ride plate BUT length is not the only KEY, too short and U have a spoon that weebles wobbles and falls down. SEE PICK
the 2 lines are exactly the same length, which one has the short ride surface?

So far the T1 is EVERYTHING I hoped it would be in both flatwater and surf.
I wanted a mix of a KDX (had last season) and a - 8.5 SF Badass (had all of 2013) both great boats but in their own way. Toby made me a nice mix LOL
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