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  • Hey I probably should of asked you this a lot earlier but you got me doing a flip on my white brawler right at 1:48. Do you happen to have any more of me or a longer clip of that flip? Have no idea what it takes to put a video like this together and if it's not possible no worries. Was STOKED to make that video though went nuts when I saw that. Awesome job look forward to riding with you again man.
    I already replied to your post about the Bruins stickers, however I now am messaging you---I would like to get 3 of the stickers. Let me know how you want the money to get to you!!
    i need people to ride with so let me know next time u plan on going out on erie ill come up. im in canton. im gunna get this bad additude handlepole sounds gay but they look sick and heard good things about them.
    yo watup man I'm from ohio to I tear up this private lalke live on I come up to erie sometimes to . I have a stock 800sxr it needs a new topend any suggestions on what kind to buy pro x has one on ebay for 300 I know that's a good deal but I'm not really looking for a deal I just wanna make sure it's gunna hold up and last .
    yo do you think thoes novi carbs in the forsale section are worth the what he is charging
    hey i think i am moving to ohio soon but how is the riding over there. i can ride not great but i wouldn't say bad eather and is there a lot of people that ride and where can i get my parts and my machine work done at i will have no hook ups when i get there and no one to ride with and what are some of the laws up there i am from reno nv i have only been to ohio twice so i no nothing about that place
    Hey man do you have mille9c1's phone number i need to contact him ASAP about a superjet. please get back to me asap thanks. I believe his name is mike. Thanks man
    Hey you have a seperate link for the Freeride DVD orders to keep track? Or are you just getting the ship out info from paypal once it posts?

    I just don't have the $ right now to travel. On top of her being pregnant, we just got back from a wedding in vegas (best man) and now have to go to a wedding in Philadelphia (she is maid of honor). A lot of bs this year. I wish I could make it, just not in the cards right now.
    just got pregnant is no excuse my wife was 3mo prego in daytona, yet i may not make any more this year. planted the seed for pismo in oct. but not likely. we already have ocean front booked for daytona next year
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