Sxr Hull cracking !!!!!


Knoxville TN
Hey what do you guys think, i was looking over my ski And found cracks on the bond line, (probably from failed barrel roll attempts :brap:), should i be worried, i don't see any separation on the inside on the hull, if its just the gel coat, is there any way to stop the cracking with out repainting the whole ski.

anyone else have this problem on their sxr.


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Knoxville TN
I'm going to reinforce it over the winter, but now ill have to ride it like this, hope it will survive till winter.


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I was told just to ride it. Mine look the same, just a lot more of them. They claim that on a SJ, stop and reinforce, but on an SXR keep ridin till the gel coat pops off, then think about it. The fiberglass underneath is just flexing from 180 nose stabs and BR's, especially the ones you don't make it around on!! LOL
I have a few of those cracks too but I think mine is from carving hi speed G turns and the bondrail acts like a cup plus my bumper revits are all loose from the turns also. gonna remove them and install aftermarkets one this winter.


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Those are nothing... you haven't even put a dent into breaking that hull. They are 10x stronger than superjet hulls. :Banane35:Mine had cracks 20 times worse than that before I painted it and it was still strong as hell.


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No woories on the cracks. It does kind of suck having your ski all "spidered" out. It will happen to any sxr that is riden hard. It happens on boats as well around cleats and other high stress areas. Just ride it, imho.


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