Spex Lite EPP beads for refoaming

I'm in the process of cutting up my tray to re-foam and I've been reading through all the threads looking for options. EPP sounds like the ticket and I found a company selling EPP beads. Spex Lite 5524B EPP beads. Has anyone tried these yet? Think they'd work? Price is $125 for 56 liters. You'd need a screen on any hull drain to keep the beads in but I don't think that's a huge problem.



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That beats the hell out of cutting and shaping foam to fit! You might ask for a sample first and keep it submerged for a few weeks to see how they hold up. I have seen pool noodles become saturated with water and deteriorate.

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Good find! These have been discussed a few times over the years but sourcing them was always the issue. Well, that and if you did find them, they were crazy expensive.
Man this place is right near my house. I may have to go in and see if I can get my hands on the two different EPP's. Slightly different sizes but different average bulk densities???
I ordered them and got 'em in already. I'm not sure if 56L is gonna be enough to fill everything but we'll see once I get down to it. They're really static-y but they said static spray will calm them down. They're a bit squishy and not too firm but I think you can probably really pack them in there. I took a few and squished them under water and they came back up dry. I think I'm gonna take some and submerge them and see how long they stay dray. Now I gotta cut the tray out and gouge out the foam.

I've got a set of Tom21 footholds so I think my plan is to first fit the footholds, then cut the tray and sides out all as one piece. Something like this, although after I have the footholds roughed in


Does that make sense?
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