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  • you own a custom computer shop? Holly poop I knew u were a cool dude just from talking on my page. Dude i just built a new machine AMD 9370 8 core asus m5a99x evo r2.0 gt 640 graphics card cooler master 700 watt power supply corsair h100 cooler corsair ram 16gb umm logitech G710+ mechanical keyboard and the corsair m65 mouse all in a Cooler master HAF X tower licoriceing badass!! i love it had it for 2 weeks now.
    yo matt can you guys send me a the hd vid you guys took in the hole and my gopro chip i never copied it thanks
    Hello Mat, i"ve got a WDK pole, and need to bond the skin on. i carn't remember if the small steering cable clamp near the top of the pole bolts inside or outside.
    thanks warren
    hey man this is zac dj's buddy melissas husband thanks for letting me ride ur ski. whats the work on ur knee
    No the new ones are not better. They also need mods. That is why any 96-2007 with as much stuff as you can get already on it is the way to go. B pipes alone are 800 shipped so if the ski has that you are way ahead. A good prop is 300, footholds are 150 plus install time and materials.....etc....

    A good loaded 96-2007 Superjet is what you want IMO.

    I love the cowbell!!! Will rules!!
    why a superjet are the newer ones better.dude the cowbell is classic what this world needs is more cowbell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    Is it october yet???? When are you getting to VA??? Since your jobless, you should come down Thursday evening! :)
    Matt I am looking for a computer for the shop can you help me out jett said to check with you I would like to trade for something I have alot of kawi part's or machining
    There is a 99 sj that is in ontario , take a look at it an let me know what you think. He hasnt posted any pics yet. he will be posting them soon, he is asking $2900 american for the ski. Its originally from ohio, Said that there are no problems with the ski. Is it worth buying this ski then putting a b pipe on it and all others, or just to buy the 97 all white ski that is on xh20, that is pretty built up . let me know your thoughts .
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