Southern Cali_Long Beach_Granada Street_Sunday RACE COURSE


Cool. I went to Fiesta Island both days this weekend, but I almost went to LB for Sunday. Maybe next time. I sure burned a lot of gas between the truck and ski.

Someone gave me a hint that I'll have to try next time I load the ski on to the beach cart from the water. His recommendation was to get the ski onto the scissor stand, and from there directly onto the beach cart. I normally float the ski off the scissor stand and then wrestle it onto the cart fighting the floating wheels. Seems like a good trick, so I'll have to try that next time and see if it makes things easier.
Old post but if you are still having trouble loading the ski by yourself I have a suggestion. I use a regular tote no winch and load it by myself all the time. I just put the tote next to the ski..lift the tail onto the tote at an can use the tire to keep it from sliding off. Then come around and lift the nose and slide it on perpendicular to the rails. Once it’s balancing on the tote just rotate it into main riding partner latley is my 9year old son so I’ve been getting allot of brutal toting exercises latley. Some of the spots we launch are pretty gnarly. Definitely a good workout.
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