GTA Jet Pilots Revival Thread


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Hey guys and gals,

Looking to get another thread going to coordinate dates for rides, along with general communication as FB seems to be hit or miss for the most of us.

@Andersonfda @jbottomley4 @sneds @jetx @Ehlett @DINNER @alex_hockey @beacom @D-Roc @steve-uk @Ryder @tommyski @scotts2t

Tag more people that you can remember they're usernames.

I'd love to get a list of rides to avoid double booking and making personal plans.

Not sure if this will take off but its worth a shot.

2019 GTA Freeride Schedule

I will update this as frequently as possible and provide links to Fb groups when available.

July 1 2019 - Canada Day Weekend ride at @MikeMcDermid on Manitoulin Island
July 12 - 14th - Simcoe Ride 2019
July 12 - 14th 2019 - Presque Isle - Lake Erie Freeride
August 16 - 18 2019 - Wasaga Beach Freeride hosted by @sneds
August 23 - 25 2019 - Can/Am Freeride - Hosted by @Zeon
September 7 2019 - Jet Fest in Mayfield, NY


Presque Isle Freeride -
Wasaga Beach Freeride -
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Just finished some carbon repair on the freak and cleaned out the shed. JM parts ordered and getting ready to build for this year. Anyone else scrambling to be ready for May24?


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Lake Erie
I got a oem rebuilt starter from JM I should install to replace my chinese one with and the skiis running. Still got to get the camper ready. We are camping mon-friday at ddrr.
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