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  • what up dude ,howz it going,,THANKZZ more the info. i just started riding this year,,been out about 7 or8 times,,my ring in the motor broke an jack it all up ,,,cool cool thankzz man,,
    Hey Mrs C. thanks for the welcome and I would really like to get out on some of these rides. I'm in Kingston so my travels towards T.O. would be quite limited as it seems that's where most of you are around =) How about you, where are you found in our little province?
    Hey Pro,
    Welcome to the group.....the Crystal Beach ride is actually put on by our buddy Xeon that lives in the USA but has a cottage on the lake. He isn't planning on doing a ride this year.....but he rides there often. Where are you at exactly?? There are many rides through out the year that you should try to get to!
    Right on, I checked out the three threads in the group, seems like everyone there is a pretty good bunch. I read somewhere on here a guy that holds a freeride/freestyle event out on Crystal Beach...have you ever been?
    I'm in Guelph. there are a few guys a little closer to you in Pickering or that area somewhere.
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