Engine-Tech 1107cc

Big reeds were used in the early 2000's. I ran an adapter set on my race boat in 02. I am not quite sure who used it originally but it's no big invention other than
if you use the AC1000 cages the case reeds blocks have a very good chance of cracking. I would only build that setup for those who understand the
risks of what comes with it.

the WaTeRhAwK

fryin' up a/m electrics..
@Coreyruecker2 that the notes i wrote down from Art (the picture from Stefan)
Im a ET1107 pumpgas 185psi, MSD digital Total loss, big reeds mod, dual full specs 49, dry power factor pige, skat trak 155 pump, currently 12/16 longblade, thinblade, cutback. Hull is at Xscream KDX/DVX 48lbs carbon hull.
have 2 hours on it now, and its running pretty good. When i get time i will try and do some pump tuning and when warmer weather and water comes, i will try racegas setup :)
View attachment 346760the KDX and DVX are two completely different style hulls. I guess im misunderstanding the "KDX/DVX" part.
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