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  • i guess they just mu'd me for the weekend LOL ,... na i didnt make it to the races i didnt know it was going on or i would have
    its bs bro,..i think fastlife got upset that i kept trying to joke with him or somethiing,.. i wonder how long im out for,..
    Ya, I have no idea WTF I said that got me MU'd. Owell, how long til you get to go back, any idea? Last time I was mu'd was about a month ago and it was for over two
    no, everytime I try to download and use an instant messaging thing, it runs the memory off my computer and it sux.

    if you ran a flow control valve on that thing to keep the exhaust dry, it wouldn't be that big of a deal to run 1 3/4" hoses. the reason you have so much restriction with that size hose is because of the amount of water going through them along with the exhaust.
    you could even run a rear exhaust setup and still get good snappy low end.
    what a bunch of post whoring... 550 box is to big, wont fit with my outlet where it is, I'd have to move it over the nose like a 440, but then Im restricted down to 1 3/4" hoses and stuff. More or less Ive been trying to find a good quality PJS silencer.... I just let a cherry one get away for $60.... Was thinking about building my own, but then again I have to find an aluminum welder to use for the day....

    Do you have AIM or something?
    Hey water hawk! I am currently revamping my sweatshirt design to a .com logo. But I should have new t's and sweathshirts soon!

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