2016 Fall Carolina Beach Freeride at Freeman Park Discussion Thread!


Carolina Beach Freeride
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the fall 2016 Carolina Beach Freeride at Freeman Park discussion thread! (otherwise known as the north end). For those who do not know what Freeman Park is, it is a 4x4 only beach access that you can camp on and bring your skis to ride surf any time of the year. Basically this is a freeride weekend event starting Thursday and ending Sunday evening. There is an access fee at the entrance to Freeman Park and it is 30 dollars per night or you may buy a season pass for 150 dollars (75 dollars in December) and it will cover you for both the spring and fall freeride. You would need to bring all necessary camping gear, food, and beverages for the weekend. There is a grocery store and gas stations near Freeman Park for your convenience.

Everyone if you need to take a shower in the evenings or before you head home on Sunday there are public showers and water spickets for flushing out your skis at the lifeguard station and public parking lot towards the end of Canal drive right before the entrance to Freeman Park. There's also much nicer restroom facilities there than the porta potties on freeman park.

The camping area will be at the very point of Freeman Park where jet skis and boats are allowed to be pulled up on the beach at any time.

Note: this is a 4x4 vehicle only event, you either need to be able to take your skis out to the Park in the bed of a truck, hitch hauler, or Snow's Cut boat ramp is nearby and skis can be launched from there and driven around to the camping area on the point in a less than 5 minute drive! I highly suggest hitch haulers or truckbed methods! No trailers are allowed on Freeman Park! I will obtain a pass to allow unattached trailer parking at Snow's Cut Public Ramp again.

Date for the 2016 fall event is October 13th-16th!

Link for camping permits (only needed in spring) http://freeman.spplusparking.com/permits/

Link for access permits

This is the link for Freeman Parks rules and regulations! http://www.carolinabeach.org/site_new/pages/documents/FreemanParkInfo.pdf

This is the address to the entrance of Freeman Park. 1818 Canal Dr. Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Attached is a satellite image of the camping area and freeride areas.

Please contact me by PM, reply, text, or call at 910-214-2114 with any questions you may have! Scott.

P.S. There is no glass liquor or bottled beer allowed on Freeman Park, only cans ;)
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Since we do not have to make camp site reservations does that mean campsites are on a first come first serve basis or is camping allowed anywhere on the beach?

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When we were there on Saturday the north end was closed because of the storm, but I was opened back up Sunday. There were pretty good conditions though even after the storm had passed


Carolina Beach Freeride
Wilmington N.C.
Just got word from the town of Carolina Beach that they issued us another promo code for our event for half off access passes! The code is the same as last spring and for anyone who doesn't remember just message me!

And remember camping is free in the fall! We camp right by the water.
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