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  • Hey man new to the forum and recently moved to Va Beach and saw the wave daze event down at the ocean front. Been riding standups for awhile and wanted to get some info about the nc event next weekend. Is there an event fee or anything or just show up and ride. I have a 4x4 so no problem there.
    new to the forum too...joined to pm you....haha....question regarding the CB Freeeride. have you heard back about parking for unattached trailers? I'm interested in this trip. coming from NH. I travel with two skis, and maneuvering them with a trailer is easier for me. also, is there a designated spot to park skis overnight? or do they need to be by campsites thanks
    Hey man, interested in buying one set of domes from you. Send me a text if your interested. I can't pm because I am new to the form. 626 353 3145
    Jens, myself and several of my buddies were all at Daytona, we just got back a couple hours ago. Jens actually stayed at the Coral Beach hotel and I was two blocks down at the La Breeze Hotel, sucks we didn't see you while we were there.
    Hey, sorry about getting this message so late lol, im not on the X very often. Myself and Jens have been out to masonboro several times and we'll probably go again soon. Hit me up if yall wanna come down again.
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