SXR 1100 water line routing help

Ok, I'm pretty sure the water lines on a newly purchased 1100 swap are wrong.
All 3 lines from the head route to pissers.
It has a rad dudes modified front exit pipe that has a line going from the old inlet to new inlet. Seems like that would make it run way too hot. ??
RH line next to midshaft goes to bottom of header.
LH line next to midshaft goes to T.
T 1 goes to top of pipe.
T 2 goes to block under header.
RH hull line is plugged, im guessing this was the siphon line?
Any help would be awesome.
Thats awesome, doesn't look like anything routes to the cylinders. I'm guessing the water goes into the manifold and routes through the cylinglders from there and out the head?
I'll have to look closer, but I only found 1 entrance into the manifold and didn't see the lower chamber spot or the fitting between chamber and headpipe
I went and double checked. Took a bit, but there's 2 inlets into the manifold.

I'm getting an error on picture size, but this is my current routing. The blue is the raddudes modification, assume the other end is plugged. And the orange is my current routing with all the fittings that dont seem to be there crossed out.


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Here's some pics. The last 2 are from an ebay ad, I think the top fitting is filled on mine, but the lower front and rear just connect to each other. 20200928_101607_resize_11.jpg20200928_101619_resize_75.jpg20200928_101104_resize_52.jpgScreenshot_20200928-103838_eBay.jpgScreenshot_20200928-105124_eBay.jpg
It's hard to know from the photos, but it kind of looks like another cooling line is going thru the pipe. You said only one cooling line going to bottom of the manifold? Is that right? Does the pump have duel cooling lines coming inside the hull? One to the manifold, and another one for pipe cooling?
Oh theres definitely 2 lines into the manifold, I double checked.
1 goes straight to the manifold.
2 goes to T, first T goes to head pipe, 2nd T goes to manifold.
My thought is to run cylinder 2 to head pipe, and the T that used to go to head pipe to the new inlet on the raddudes pipe. Then plug the old inlet?
So where does the line coming out of the bottom of the chamber go now?
I’ve never used a pipe that goes forward, but I assume everything would work the same. I would hook everything up according to the diagram above.
Does that new fitting on the new stinger have a jet in it?
Like this. Hose from rear of chamber to front of chamber.
Is that an inlet or an outlet? I thought both of these were inlets, so it wouldn't make sense.
@Baja 252 , I found the stinger jet was plugged as well, glad you told me to check that out! Once I get some more lines and a filter for the stinger,, I should have the routing AND the hot exhaust figured out.
I cleaned up the photo floating around.
I also found benefit to keeping the 1/2 1/4 T thats OEM on the manifold. no reason to inject another break point by adding a seperate T.
It also doesnt need to be 3/8 since it only gets further shrunk with a main jet.


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