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  • hey buddy its the guy that got that sx hull I'm fillling out registration and i lost your number would you mind sending me a bil of sell on that hull again please and thank you buddy!
    Whats up. We corresponded a few years ago, and I am just getting around to checking in again. Hopefully we'll get together one of these days.

    whats going on did you get my message
    Did you sell the Blaster? Do you have any pictures of it yet? What wasnt correct in the orignal description? Regards, Corey (drewwho_2002@yahoo.com)
    What is your address you want the carbs shipped to. I will ship them today since I am already shipping some other stuff. You can still paypal me on monday. I have movers coming on monday and I want to get them shipped so they do not get accidently packed.
    ill let it go 4 150 and if you want me to ship it it will be 175 but im going to panmal city the 7th of march and maybe we can meet up
    Gotcha! Congrats on the home man! Totaly understand brotha! It's all good! CHeck out my new lowered RN pole bracket! You can also check out my web site

    What price are you looking for my friend? I understand times are tough i will cut u a deal on one and throw in a backing plate!

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