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  • Thats cool ya I know Tim from Tastin Racin last year and we been keepin in touch ever since. He hooked me up with buying some impros props.
    whats up matt? not much new here, just riding whenever i can. we need to get together on a few things soon.
    I haven't bought the pole yet but may be in the market real soon. how much for the RN pole to SN ski bracket shipped?
    thanks matty! i did manage to get signed up about a week ago i need to go start a pic thread or something lol everything's good here so far and i should be in daytona by tonight so i will give them a good test this week in the surf!
    hey man i got the brackets and i just received my Rule bilges today, i will be installing in the next couple of days and probably trying it in the water this weekend. i will post pics of the install and review once i use them. thanks again! i like the RN bracket for sure. PM me the overall diminsions so i can check and see if it will fit my new mount location. Its real tight with the blowsion bracket so i want to make sure it will fit before you send me one.
    thats awesome for you to do that but here is my situation
    i just bought a house had all the utilitys turned on
    and not sure how the budget is going to fair
    plus i cannot find a deal on a -2 umi pole
    if you need something in trade maybe? but i understand $$$$ is what makes thing happen
    i just dont wanna blow my $ on ski parts and not have hot water to shower with ....
    on a few weeks time when things settle a little i might be game
    thank you
    good just stripping the paint off so i can paint two of them. The sj just needs hydro turff but it is so cold out and i've been really busy so its going slow but all have them ready for summer
    I mainly race mx, im just a recreational stand up rider but that does not mean im not going to try to flip! I have only ownded a stand up for about a month now. I race 125c mod & stock and 450 stock after Lorettas this year im going to race B class. If your accepting resumes maybe i will send one your way?

    Chris 719
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