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    Sport port templates

    I've never used the sport port templates, but I've used the Yamanube template on a 760. The stock port timing on a 760 is a little higher than the yamanube template so I just slid it up slightly to match the top of the oem port and marked it out and ground away.
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    New Inverse Hull

    Looks awesome!
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    Who does high quality Aluminum repair?

    Is there room to simply drill the holes deeper at the original thread size? At least in the middle hole positions, then put a thread insert on the outer ones.
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    Who does high quality Aluminum repair?

    I would be looking into larger thread inserts due to concerns about welding affecting the temper of the aluminum, plus damaging the anodizing. Another $.02 from a random guy on the internet.
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    Wax header pipe

    I'm on board but I like the ability to adjust .050 is kinda big
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    Wax header pipe

    I like the 6mm screws, if they have a 10mm nut and t handles or a 10mm head to match the wrench I'll probably already have handy that would be cool.
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    Bendix Engages, Spins Engine 1-2 Revolutions, then Disengages and just Spins Starter ?

    Can you share how you inspect a bendex?
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    Bendix Engages, Spins Engine 1-2 Revolutions, then Disengages and just Spins Starter ?

    Part number 17 is what breaks, you can see the little ears between the weights and check if one is broken. It's a pain to get the clip number 19 off without stabbing yourself. So be careful.
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    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    Playing with an old b pipe header.
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    Want to Buy Wanted: oem Round nose pole bracket, bolt, rubber thingy, hood hooks

    I have a ski with an RRP bracket and bolt, want to go back to stock bracket and bolt with all of the odds and ends that go with it. Basically looking for all of the stuff you remove to put on an aftermarket pole bracket on a round nose superjet. Could possibly trade the RRP bracket and bolt if...
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    Question on used gas

    Is the freshness of the gas in question or just whether or not it has premix? Are you not even sure if it's gasoline or diesel?
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    Regarding Scams and Scammers

    They posted something for sale as the account that they hacked, it looked legit because they were using pretty well known accounts with long histories, and they were posting very plausible looking realistic for sale ads.
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    OEM 155 Pump Talk

    As much as I love the zeel it does seem like swapping back in the msd could be a good test to eliminate that variable.
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    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    Any theories on what might be killing the voltage regulator (or maybe some other part of the 5v supply circuit)? Sounds like both of these died sitting in storage over the off season (?) so it probably wouldn't be the obvious usual suspects like heat or over voltage or hooked battery up...
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    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    That makes perfect sense. Probably could even make it work with an external 5v power supply to the right pin on the ribbon cable. Wouldn't really want to do that though.
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