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  • Yes, i finally got it tuned right, and had it on the lake today. Ran great all day.
    Thanks again.
    Hows the builds coming along man! I cant wait for summer! I hope my ski will be ready!

    Hey bro! Thanks for posting on my forum! I just upgraded to v-bullitin just like the x and pwc! Sign up and post pics of your build and feel free to post on whatever topics i have! Cant wait for summer!!!!

    When you get a chance register on my new forum on! Your ski's are comming along man! What mods are you doing to the 550!?

    Yah man Chris is a good guy for any ski need! He has given me alot of ideas and thats how i'm able to start my own business from his ideas! I'm a prof. tig welder/fabricator by trade so that also helps lol!
    Sick man! 701's have nice power! I want to do a big bore kit on mine but they are $$$ lol! I'm trying to instal footholds and new hydro turf. i have no time though but soon i will have time for it all!
    Will do man! I'm super stoked for this next summer! I'm going to try and ride every weekend lol! Doubt that will happen! hahaha! I will probably be busy making parts lol!
    That would be cool man! I think they will be available for around 60$ or so. They look realy awsome! Iposted a new pic in my album of the new sticker and the finished conversion handle pole braket! Check her out!
    I am in the midths of making dual bildge mounts for rn and sn's, quick turn for rn and sn, lowered pole brackets for sn and rn, and lowered conversion pole mounts for sn to adapt a rn pole! And lots more ideas in mind but those are the basic ones for now. oh and also stainless custom water boxes! I have stickers and Hoodies for winter also!
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