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  • Hey i met you out on little paw paw last year and remeber either you or your friend had a blaster. Im lookin for one and wondered if you knew of any forsale?
    I've got plenty of closed cell foam here.... Works fine for under lament. (Closed cell). Slide by
    Thanks for the post and interest in ski innovations! I will do some research on if the rn bolt will work! Dont see why not lol! I engineered it so you can use ur sn bolt so thats just one thing the customer does'nt have to purchase but let me find out if it's the same o.d. and i'll get back to u! Thanks!

    I got it fixed and rode today. Dustin and i rode well past dark. final jump my throttle cable wiggled lose off the carb and my ski was dead in the water. It took us a half hour to tow it back after that too since the ski didn't have a tow loop in the nose. IF the waves are big I will have to ride....
    hey just wondering if you wanted to go riding this weekend, if you get your ski fixed. Also, the shop i work at welds stainless steel all the time, i don't know if we can weld your steer cable, but i can ask.
    I got 6m6 cylinders, fresh honed. 6m6 cases.701 stock head,6m6 stock head.A used prop.Need anything.Im really lookin for a black Rn pole
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