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  • Dang dude, I never saw this until now!!!!! That's okay. I ended up having a good time with friends. I really hate riding other peoples stuff anyways. I won't b/f other people's boats and won't roll a boat that hasn't been reinforced so that would have been fine. I did take my first surfing lesson down in Mazatlan. Those waves were so amazing that I made plans to hit Pismo late Oct. after the world finals.
    Maybe I will get to meet more of you west coast guys there.
    Thanks again for the offer.
    hey dude im in for tomorrow i have a good chi feeling about the surf.
    Ill have my cell phone back tonight around 9pm until then call me at work 714 671 1145 Im here for a little while longer call here first. but I am down for tomorrow let me know otherwise.
    Yes I also ride dirt bikes. We (matt and I) try to do the MX track every couple of weeks and Ocotillo at least once a month. Our next Ocotillo ride is on Saturday December 13th. The last Ocotillo trip about six guys went and even more are planning on attending this one
    John , you ride dirt bikes?Can man live by jetski alone? Matt Smith told me to let him know when I'm going riding.I emailed him yesterday and said he would like to go but that he was in Hawaii.Must be nice.
    is everything a joke to you? yes everything
    The lip can reward and punish equally.no favorites
    you need a friend to tow you in your time of need.Or when you blow out your pfd on a pancake without syurp.
    hey John
    Anything come out of saturdays Poop ride video?
    and I practiced hard today and can now throw barrel rolls of 2footers with my 550
    this weekends ride will be much more interesting.
    yo what up.........i am down but i think i have to make it out to arizona this weekend.....i am hoping that i dont have to go and will come down and ride the ski on saturday with everyone.......i just got back from racing the baja 500 and it was crazy....shoot me an email at rbarre@rbcomponents.com and we will keep in contact...
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