who has kewl tow rigs

Looks pretty legit! Do you use a 12v wench to pull it back up into the bed?

Is the idea that the ramp starts horizontal and then when the ski has the front weighted down, you lift the kickstands and then allow the weight of the ski to have the ramp drop down?

Do you remember who's thread you modeled this after?

I just bought a 1000lbs hand crank winch from princess auto for like 20bucks and bolted it to the cradle. The ramp mates up with the cradle in the bed and then the ski gets pulled off the dolly and onto the wheels and dragged up onto the cradle. The legs on the ramp are so the end of the ramp is the same height as my dolly to ensure a smooth transition from dolly to ramp. Dolly is just a 800lbs garden wagon with 2x4s for a cradle
Got tired of paying for my truck gas, 10 hour round trips up north on some weekends. Picked up a hitch receiver for the fiancé’s car for about $100. It’s not really kewl, but saving money is cool.

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