The Wango Tango, The Running man, and The Undertaker

Mark Gomez

is where the surf is
Fullerton, CA
The wango tango I love it! haha :jester:

I couldnt imagine doing an undertaker on one of the current pro class freestyle skis. I wouldnt trust myself to put my nuts anywhere near the intake grate for that trick on one of those skis. :Eyecrazy:
I love the riding style. its crazy to see the diff from say That , to modern day Malone, Rok and those guys , to Pierre in the surf. I love all the different styles.

if i wango tangoed my luck the hood would come off and it would sink
even since i read this thread i've been all about mastering balance on and off throttle at low speeds. i've since managed the wango tango

the running man however is a different story !! three good face plants and a few gallons of swallowed water later i've come to learn that the running man is just about impossible for us mere mortals (at least for now)


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I remember back in 98' when I d/l one of these videos from home and it took over 8 hours to d/l 30 megabytes...hahahaha. After that I went down to my cousins shop where they were the internet providers in our small town and down loaded the rest on the T1 connection.
Ah, the good ol' days of dial up modems and Netscape! :D
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