Super Rare Speed Magic Pipe only one is USA!!! Kawi power factor

If you know what this is then you know what it’s worth. It’s been hanging on my wall and never used. Super Rare Speed Magic Pipe only one is USA! This is for Kawasaki based 800 or 750 or built 650. Chamber I had brought to World Finals few years ago and never ended up using it. The manifold is the same as a factory pipe dry pipe. This is the holy Grail of Kawasaki exhaust pipes!


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I have been racing with a SE ignition on a dasa 900 power valved sxr for a quite a few years now. It has been flawless!

Wish I would have saw this post sooner. That would have been great to swap in to my ski.

Probably would put whole thing in museum after.. haha
Note that you only really need the Chamber. The Exhaust Manifolds and Head Pipes are made by Factory Pipe and easily purchased locally.

Motoine sells a Billet Machined Exhaust Manifold if you want the Top Shelf Components.

They also sell a Titanium Chamber that only weighs 2 lbs!
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