Ron Bloomfield

I didn't want it to come to this but he's just ignoring me.

I bought a motor and carb setup from Ron near the end of February, he has my money and I have no motor. He was going to setup shipping from Canada to the US, some things came up and was unable to ship for a couple weeks. Then the borders closed due to the whole Covid thing. I was understanding. We decided to wait a bit, and still had contact a couple times a month.
He was supposed to get some quotes but never managed to come through with any.

Anybody near Toronto know Ron and could help me out? I just want to get that motor shipped or my money back. He's online, still liking jet ski stuff, ignoring my messages. I have been more than accommodating and would just like this resolved.
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Unfortunately not. He won't refund me the money, and he won't ship the motor but says he needs more time. Anybody live near Toronto that would be able to help me retrieve it? I'm not sure if he's just using the border closing as an excuse but I've tried to arrange shipping, he just makes no effort. I'm not even sure he still has it. I've got all kinds of proof and correspondence, friends lists, and more. I just don't get it.

If everyone would message him on Facebook or text him (number deleted) and just ask him what's up I'd appreciate it. He talks like he's a legit guy, but just doesn't deliver.
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he said he has it and it's just sitting there, and it just needs to be shipped... sounded like he's willing to help you get it shipped but originaly was going to bring it across the border for you. i'd contact him again and see what it's going to take to ship it. $100-150 ususaly covers it.
Get this sorted?

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It's been a royal pain in the ass. Ron did refund me $750 of the $5500, and claimed Paypal issues. He's gone silent again, deleted his Facebook account, won't answer anything.

I've got a criminal case in progress with my police department, but unfortunately I don't think that'll go anywhere. I'm going to file in small claims court in his county, but it's all a giant pain in the ass.

I was able to talk to his son, and it sounds like I hurt Ron's feelings.

Long story short. Ron Bloomfield is a criminal, dirtbag, etc. Don't be associated with this guy or do business with him.


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