RN surf build

Gotcha, yea that was actually my plan as when I cut my tray out I cut at angles, didn't try to round anything off or out, as I had planned on running the stock width tray and glassing back in the piece I had cut out, but plans have changed and going wide tray.
The carbon nose piece that was on the ski is delaminated, cracked and useless. I was gonna try and epoxy and clamp it to pull a mold off of it but instead I decided to just shape my own. I glues some pink foam together and got to shaping. Then I coated with a layer of total fair epoxy filler. Once I get this all sanded I’ll pull a mold off the plug. Planning to make it out of carbon fiber using vacuum infusion. I also have a bunch more foot strap inserts coming to weld to reinforcement plates. View attachment 434534
View attachment 434535
Man that rack your ski is mounted to is awesome, looks like you can rotate 360 and lock into different positions, did you make that yourself too?
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