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Picked up some billet stuff from my local shop (Pelican Performance). Had to get a preview of it as soon as I got home. Once the paint has more time to cure I’ll layup my rear corner pieces.started looking at the pole bracket with the nose piece. Using the same geometry at my Squarenose conversion bracket I don’t like how far the bracket sits above the nose piece. I took one of my conversion brackets and mounted it on my pole. I can shorten the pivot point by 3/8” leaving a small gap between the base plate and the bottom edge of the pole. Not quite settled on what I’m gonna do but it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to keep the bracket lower than the nose.
I also drew a coupler cover in solidworks, then 3D printed it. This will probably be made out of carbon fiber at some point.


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As long as your pole mount area is blank, might as well push that bracket all the way forward.
It’s not quite as blank as you think. I didn’t intentionally try and fill everything up. I didn’t intend to move anything. Holes were filled by reinforcing the inside because I taped the holes up.
Took a pause from ski work last weekend to setup my trailer at the river for summer. Then this weekend is Huntington Beach. Gonna try and get some colorsanding done and some carbon work today and Sunday. Good news is my M10 studs for my pole bracket showed up so I can mock that up and get the nose piece fitted. I also got my underpad and turf. I have to make my rear corner before I install turf. Wife liked the ski color and convinced me to spray the golf cart. Since I was shooting the golf cart I decided to add some color to the motor and sprayed the stator cover.03DB6728-8E67-4383-87F3-B3E174D57310.jpeg
I’m starting to assemble things and noticing I need fasteners. I wish there was a master kit I could purchase. I got the pipe manifold somewhat on, snapped my wrench. I put the motor in the ski even though it’s totally not ready. I think it looks pretty good. I started making my rear bumper piece. I got the pole bracket mounted up and the pole bolted on. I don’t want to cut the nose piece anymore than it currently is so I gotta figure out what to do. Gonna try moving the pivot point of the pole further back to make room. Either way my current bracket isn’t going to work. 80E015D5-A3E2-4BE2-A356-8EBF5FFFE169.jpeg42BACE22-4B9E-44EB-8579-7DFFD8969363.jpeg
Been super busy on the project, got a ton of little stuff going on. The Kawasaki cable boots are like 1/3rd the price of Yamaha so I made one fit my new pole bracket. I pulled the pivot point further back on the pole bracket and remade it. Now the nose piece fits. I 3D printed a hook for the underside of the nose piece and then did a carbon layup on it. Painted my sponsons and got those on. Carbon sponsons will have to wait. I got my underpad glued on and the bottom turf in place. Milled and drilled the nozzle for dual cooling, and made some bosses for the steering nozzle to work. The pump and motor are in and shimmed. Trying to get this thing done by Thursday for Father’s Day trip.


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As I’m prepping to sand the bottom and remembering how terrible that was to do on my square, I drew up some blocks in solidworks and 3D printed them. This should make my life a lot better.

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Today I peeled off some delam in the bilge, ground down the ribs and did a new layer of glass.
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I then sealed everything up with 5200. I’m trying to get the tray done asap since there isn’t a ton of bodywork to do.
Would you sell me some of those sanding blocks? Another reason why I need to get into 3d printing!
Ski looks great! I'm def stealing your idea for building my tray with the pink foam in the plastic bag foam trick for the sides, great idea!
The only thing I’d do different now is make the edges angled. My buddy’s crash has angled edges where the wide tray meets the thick part. The angle would make it easier to glass, turf, and sand.
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