Reaper, MX1, or V2X to replace Gen1 X2

Thanks for the write up. I grew up riding quads so I prefer having a seat vs an open tray. It seems like my only options are HX, Wave Blaster, Reaper or MX-1. I don’t know anyone with a Reaper or an MX-1 so it’s a bit of a risk to spend that $ on something I might not like. Back before I gave up standups (my back) I had a Rickter and didn’t really like it. I didn’t want a one trick pony, I want something to chase our boat with for big air but I also want something that handles well. Weight is a big issue. I really miss my Gen 2 X2 but it was a bit heavy as well. I currently have an HX (stock engine) with carbon hood and lightweight battery. I hate the fact I have to keep it stock though (I want something I just jump on and ride). That being said, I’m looking for something more nimble and lighter, sounds like MX-1 might be the ticket. Does the Reaper feel heavier then the MX-1? I’m guessing the bouyoncy plays a part in that.
Love my reaper. Never tried an mx1. BUT there is a photo out there of a reaper, mx1, and blaster. The mx1 is much larger then a reaper.

I wouldn't even consider it.
I’ve never ridden one. I don’t think they handle well and it might not be great on a large lake. However, maybe I’m making a mistake overlooking them.


Buy a Superjet
If you are in AZ hit up TC-freeride he probably has a mx-1 you can demo at Havasu. Try Krash as well and see if they have any dealers near you that do demo rides.
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