Krash 1200cc footrocket

Anybody get the new 1200cc krash foot rocket yet? Any reviews thinking about buying one for next year. Didn’t even know they put a bigger motor in this year.
I have setup and tuned quite a few, power gain is pretty good over the 997 and the redesigned electronics are much better!

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I just got mine! Foot Rocket Pro. I ordered it in June and it too took over 6 months to get it. They claimed it was due to the pandemic and the shut down in Australia. I'm impressed with the carbon fiber work and the hull in general. The only thing I didn't like is the hood latch mechanism. The engine is tourqey to say the least. I'm still breaking it in. I could tell that they rode it in Australia before shipping it to me. They sent me some water in the hull. Freakin salt water to boot! Either way I'm overall happy with the purchase. I live on a lake in Florida so at least I'll be able to ride it all winter.

I really got no documentation with the ski. It appears to have a single map CDI as I only see one LED display light instead of the three.
I bought my 21 PRO at the end of September from a dealer in Ohio. It was used by the dealer a few times over the summer. It broke almost instantly when I got it home in west Michigan. Krash shipped me a new updated ECU the next day and I replaced the broken bendix, starter and start/stop switch with OEM parts I already had. I had to modify the flywheel with a dremel to work with the updated ECU mapping. I sent the carbs to Steve Bach while I was waiting for the ECU to arrive. I only rode it twice briefly before the season ended here but it felt strong and I got comfortable quickly for having very little tray time. The full carbon hull looks amazing and is very heavy duty.
$15k OTD
Hard to find info on the updates so I chased down a dealer that has 22’ predator on order. Completely changed. It’s within an inch dimensionally of the 21 superjet and it’s now fuel injected. 30” wide and 96” long I think.

The ETA is March/April but I am expecting a lot longer of a wait….I’d sure like to have it this summer though!

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