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Hmmm... I think I would have opted for the lumber rack (Thule or Yakima) with kayak racks so that you have a bow and stern line to tie down to the bumpers. Since it is a sea kayak type you could even go with the Thule Hullavators - they actually work pretty well. And in the event of a rear end collision you don't get speared by a kayak punch through into the cab.

I bought some hullavators for my white van in my avatar, but because of how high the van is, they wouldn't come down low enough for me to load the kayaks on the roof. So, I sold them immediately on craigslist for a loss. The buyer was happy and I was happy with the sale. Then I had the racks on the van welded up for river kayaks on their side and a ladder to get them up there.

You need to make some mistakes on the path to knowledge. Knowledge acquired this way is called "experience." Stay flexible. Move forward. Don't worry about how you perfect your kit. Just perfect it, and don't look back.
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Yeah I'm not overly happy with the box extender but I already had it and spent everything I had and more on the kayak alone. I thought about racks but not keen on having it on my roof. The extender is nice because it's the right height for me to work with. But I do need to fine tune things to make it the most effective method. I also want to make a pvc pipe bunk for it that will be just longer than the extender to help get the boat up off of it. I have some ideas that should work well and be quite affordable. Just the paddle, pfd and bilge pump last night ran me almost $400 so I need to slow down on the spending now for a while lol. Now that I have it home though fine tuning the transportation method will be much better and more efficient than guessing based on measurements on paper only. I do like it a lot though, the seat is ok but could use a little more padding which is another thing that I'll have to address sooner than later. Lots of little things to iron out but I'm looking forward to getting out on it, hopefully this weekend will be the maiden voyage =)
Well folks, I have at long last made my first trip out with the new kayak and do I ever love it! It tracks well, it can really move if I need it to. It's good and stable...I've been missing out all these years lol. My first trip was a solid half day adventure. We paddled 2 joining lakes for the first 3 hours then loaded up and went to another lake closer to home for another hour or so on Monday. Tuesday I ventured out in a water channel closer to home and spent about 2 hours there after work. I'm fully hooked on kayaking. I can't wait to get out again this weekend if the weather is good for it :)


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