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Let me start off by saying Im not writing this to bash, speak negatively, or to "get back at" Jack. Im writing this to tell the true story of what actually happened. Ive been hearing from dozens of people that Jack has fabricated a story and is actively being untruthful about our transactions. I have been fortunate enough to own, ride, and sell some of the best equipment this industry offers. Ive built alot of great relationships with you guys in this industry and the ones that know me personally know that im not here to lie, to hide issues, or to burn anyone i sell to, ever.

June 2018. Jack inquired about my Superfreak circus that was built by Zach at PHP. We had talked, i sent over dozens of pictures and videos of the ski. He made me an offer over the phone and i accepted it. He had asked me if i would convert the ski to pump gas for him before he picks it up because he doesnt want to run race gas. I said sure, send me a deposit and ill start wrenching on it. (I wanted a deposit because that shows me he's serious. I didnt want to change a ski around that runs flawlessly for him not to show up) He disagrees, says and i quote "you have my word for $XX.XX, ill be there". So, i trusted him, took his word, and converted the ski to pump gas for him without any money down, for the amount we agreed on. He shows up to pick up the ski, picks it apart, looked over the entire ski for hours, even had telescoping mirror to look over under and around the engine. He then asks to ride it which is no big deal to me, but i had no heads up of this. So, i got the ski ready, bring it to the lake, and he rides 1 full tank of fuel through it. After dozens of failed flips, rolls, and spins the ski never skipped a beat. At the time, that ski had never been beaten on so hard in its life and still ran perfect. So we then started negotiating he hits me with an offer of thousands less then he agreed to on the phone. Remember, i "had his word" right? Oh well. We ended up coming to a deal for less than he offered originally and i gave him 4 polaris RZR rims and tires ($500), a brand new Superfreak carbon hood ($1200), spare MSD TL parts, spare domes, and o rings on top of the ski. Hes happy with the deal and all is good. Hes a damn good negotiator.

A week goes by and i get a phone call with him yelling at me. ( This is the story he told me) He said that he took the ski home, rode it, and a cooling line popped off and he almost sank the ski. He got the ski into shore, immediately pulled the engine and let it sit on the shelf full of water because he didnt know what to do. He said that when he pulled the engine out, the midshaft came out with it. 2 out of 3 midshaft bolt inserts were missing. He accused me of knowing about the issue and trying to fix it which i absolutely did not know. He then demanded i give him a complete refund and that hes dropping the ski back off. He was extremely angry and just kept demanding money back and claimed he didnt have the money to get it fixed. I offered to fix it for him, he declined. I had finally told him that id pay for the repair if he can provide me with a receipt of the repair from a local shop. He agrees. I sent him $600 for the repair (see pic) and I NEVER saw any proof of a repair or and previous damage to the midshaft area to this day. All of our transactions had a bill of sale signed by him including non disclosure agreements. The bill of sale and NDA was because Jack was not a man of his word and untrustworthy from the beginning. From my thousands of online and in person sales, i have never had someone sign an NDA.

If someone sells a ski, the buyer test rides it, loves it, then breaks it a week later, almost anyone would tell the buyer to F off if they asked for a refund.

Now for the crazy part. December 2018. I had a DVX hull listed for sale and get a message from Jacks friend (Greg. See screenshot) trying to secretly buy the hull from me for Jack. Yes, you read that correctly. Jack wanted the DVX hull so bad that he was willing to have someone else buy it for him because he knew i wouldnt sell to him after dealing with him on the Circus. After all the name calling, online defamation, and straight up lying about me to others, Jack still wanted to do business. I was extremely hesitant to do any sort of business with him and had told him that. I didnt want any problems and made that clear. This is where i made a mistake. I considered selling to him again... Jack contacted me, apologized for how he acted on the Circus deal and begged me to sell him the DVX. He had seen the DVX in person when picking up the Circus before hand so he knew what he was getting. The DVX had the "typical" cracks in the pump tunnel which was fully disclosed and discussed prior to him picking it up. Again, multiple pictures of the cracks were sent and everything i knew about the ski was put on the table. I agreed to sell the hull to him given he was so passionate about it. The deal was, if he wanted the hull, the price was firm and there will be absolutely no negotiating. He agreed with the price and the deal was closed. Again, he came in person to pick the hull up. I ended up even giving him some extra parts like latches, motor mounts, cables, etc at no extra cost.... A bill of sale and NDA was signed

July 2019. I get angry text messages and calls from Jack saying that the hull cracked more and that it was my fault. He said that he started sanding the hull down and found previous repairs under the paint. He accused me of knowing about previous repairs which i did not. He then accused me of painting the hull before he picked it up to "hide" the repairs which is also untrue and comical in my opinion. As anyone can see in the photos, that paint on the bottom was not fresh and everything was disclosed in person when he picked it up. I never repaired or painted that hull but for some reason hes consistently trying to make it my fault that the cracked hull i sold him started cracking more...

This is honestly nobodies business but Jacks and mine. With that being said, ive heard from too many people claiming that i "purposely screwed him over" that i felt the true story needed to be told. Hes gone out of his way to persuade others into thinking im someone im not by blatantly lying to them about me. Its sad to me that people get so angry they feel the need to destroy someones reputation by making up false claims. Im not leaving the sport anytime soon so why would I burn any bridges? And, if i was such a terrible person, why would Jack come back and buy another ski? It doesnt add up. Ive been in this sport for about 13 years now and have done thousands of positive sales with great people. Ive got %100 positive feedback on ebay in the last 15 ish years. Not everyone is perfect. Ive screwed things up in the past and have always made right when it was my mistake. Unfortunately in this case, i didnt do anything wrong and am being labeled as a liar. Ive provided screen shots and proof of our transaction, the bill of sale, and some of his harrassment and threats.

I needed to get this off of my chest. Im sick and tired of defending myself over something i didnt do. Im not a liar, a thief, and dont try and take advantage of people. I dont want to be associated with any of the drama either. At the end of the day, you wont be able to please everyone. Even if you are %110 honest, transparent, meet the buyers demands and are willing to help there will always be that one person who is impossible.


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Dvx deal. As seen in the screen shots Jack suggests first that the sale of the hull should be “as is” and that we should have something in writing. What he says and what he does don’t match up. His messages are grey, mine are blue.


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