Hull inserts, replacing/adding trim tube - best methods & materials?

Bought a gen 2 bob that currently uses a Kawi powerplant and pump. I'd like to convert everything over to Yamaha.

Obviously drilling the appropriate sized holes and the right location for my setup is going to be the most important, but I was wondering what are some good adhesives and/or methods for installation? I have the right tooling, just curious on how to get the inserts secured while keeping the threads clean. I do plan on flipping the ski over for pump side repairs.

I'm also going to be replacing some plumbing on the inside, adding another 3/8 or replacing one with a 1/2". Any good methods for that?



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When I add inserts i push a earplug into the threads to keep them clean or thread a bolt in with grease on the bottom face so the adhesive doesn’t stick.
I prefer to use 3m panelbond because it’s stupid strong but it isn’t cheap.

The lines in my freak were stainless and a giant pain in the ass to work with. You could go that route and use a hand bender. I’m going to change over to pex and see how that would work with stainless thru hull fittings.
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