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Okay good to know.yeah I mostly ride the river so chasing boats is a must lol.but that's good it's not just a circle boat where you can't ride for a distance without getting beat up.seeing it's some small you would think it would be like that ..I wonder the weight difference on a Aerial 8 compared to micro ..
I think it's about 8 to 10 pounds heavier my ski weighs 237.4 with light weight battery which saves 10 lb. My buddies Q8 sky weights 260 with regular battery and Aerial 8 is a few lbs lighter than Q8
Awesome Micro! I just bought one and was wondering. Do you have any close up pics of your kick plate/ hull extension? I haven't cut mine yet and was looking to see what other people are doing. Also did you try any different sizes or just cut once and go with it?
I will have to take pics, I rode the micro for about 2weeks with long hull extension then cut 2 1/2 inch off hull extension, I let the kick plate alone. rode all season that way i can backflip off boat wake but not flat water flip water with this set up.
When i cut my plate down i hacked the edges off and i didnt notice that much of a difference.
Biggest thing i noticed was while taking off the nose came up a little faster.
I know this is a very old thread, and I may not get a reply but I figured I’d try haha. I just recently bought an EME micro hull and I’m gonna build it over the winter. It’s just the hull. No pole, ride/kick plate, or hull extension. I’m putting a 701 62T in it, and a 155 pump. Need to get a pump shoe still. Got an RRP pole with everything but the trim. Will be getting that soon. Hey anyone knows where I could get a ride/kick plate from it’s be greatly appreciated. Can’t seem to get anyone at EME to call or email me back. Says they’re out of stock online.. There’s lots of little stuff I need to get still but if anyone has any recommendations or pointers it will be greatly appreciated!


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