2016 Backie Chan 760

760 stock
Stock 760 electronics
Wdk letdown pipe
Powerfactor waterbox
R&D intake
Full spec 46 carbs
180ish psi
Maxx 148 pump
Thrust trim
Extreme comp length pole
Ait Time Products steering

It's a 2016 backie chan. One of the last ones built by Trendsetterz. Kevlar hybrid layup with reinforced carbon tray. Painted by Trendsetterz. Paint is scuffed up on the bottom.

Willing to crate and ship. $9,000 OBO3650B947-00F0-450F-9385-8443A62E1447.jpeg5DA6CAB2-62D2-4781-A42D-541B3CE28DBD.jpeg1E4450F6-6E64-490A-A1F3-0263DC548356.jpeg821C3DBE-D584-4593-8D34-27DC5412DE29.jpeg549EA1BD-1607-470E-989F-93C8B72754DA.jpeg


dodgin' bass boats
Nice ski. Just some food for thought for potential buyers.... The current IJSBA world finals 900cc champ rode a Backie Chan up until 1 week before this year's competition. Go check out Kyle Kreeger's instagram. Sure, he won on a Hurricane 10k but he got there riding a Chan.

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Closing on a house, dropping price to $7,900. If it does not sell before closing I will likely bring price back up.

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