1. Devo

    SOLD Carbon 760cc Superjet $7,100

    2008 Yamaha Superjet 760cc 2 stroke • Built and ridden by Patrick Bogart - known as the “Thunder Pumpkin” • Full carbon fiber hull • Carbon fiber hood • 760cc engine • ADA Head • TBM Lightweight charging flywheel • Factory B-pipe • Polished custom Team XScream exhaust • 2 gallon fuel cell • X...
  2. B

    Square nose to round nose hood

    Hey all, new to the forums but I need some questions answered. I have a square nose SJ and I’m looking into doing a fixed steer conversion. I got a lead on one but it’s for a round nose, will that fit mine? I don’t mind doing some modifications to get it to fit but if it’s too much I’ll need to...
  3. S

    Super Jet Gas dripping from mikuna SBN. Do I need a rebuild kit?

    Hello, I have a 96 superjet with a mikuna SBN carburetor. It has been running awful. I changed the plugs and fresh gas and made sure the gas is flowing ok. I cannot seem to get a low idle setting that is ok, and which then will be ok giving throttle and getting off throttle. If i try to...
  4. W

    2021 Krash

    I am looking to buy my first standup and have been seriously considering a 2021 Krash Footrocket for use on the Mississippi River. However, now that I am reading a lot of posts on here, I am finding their reliability is in question. Are the 2021s any better? Would I be better off with a used...
  5. K

    2013 SuperJet Full Surf Build. $14000 - NW Illinois

    2013 Yamaha SuperJet Full Surf Build. Flawless. Clean. $14,000 Motor: B-pipe limited MSD Enhancer ADA Girdled head (35cc/185psi domes) Primer kit Pump: 10/16 Hooker Prop Thrust EZ Pull Trim Pro-Tec steering Nozzle 65V Reduction Nozzle (5degrees of trim) Bored to 85mm Wet Wolf pump cone Worx...
  6. K

    2007 wamiltons $7,500

    2007 wammer hull, rrp pole, lowered hood and nose. Gel coat has age cracks but nothing a fresh paint job couldn't fix. Couple Knicks here and there but its an 07 thats been ridden, wamiltons ride plate. (All new items)New crank seals, rrp ovp steering, straight bars, mikuni 46s, filters, php...
  7. Devo

    Pat Bogart’s Thunder Pumpkin?

    I bought a superjet a few years ago and the previous owner mentioned it was built by Pat Bogart and Team XScream around 2007-2008. I found some old pictures that match up (minus the paint change and slight retails). I was wondering if anyone had any information about it or knows the builder/rider!
  8. 1970Camaro

    Superjet midshaft greasing question

    Hello, I recently did a 61x swap on my 92 square nose. And while I was in there I noticed that the intake had a grease zerk fitting on it. After I did the engine swap I figured I should add some grease since I had never done that, so I gave it a few good pumps and didn't think about it again...
  9. S

    SOLD Factory B Pipe Limited $1k shipped

    $1k shipped in the 48 Will include new oversized screw kit, Two are broken. I may or may not have a gasket lying around but no guarantee. I have the couplers and clamps. Chamber needs to be stripped and polished or painted/powder coated but it's in fairly good condition. No helicoils in the...
  10. Masonwriggles

    Sxr b pipe to superjet

    I was wondering if you could fit an sxr 800 fac b pipe on a superjet? Is their any adapters to do so or no?
  11. Masonwriggles

    2013 Yamaha superjet

    I’m sadly selling my 2013 superjet. This ski is probably the cleanest 2013 you can find. Low ride time. The ski is completely stock and ready to rip. Never had any modifications only regular maintenance and always winterized. This ski had little to no beach rub at all. $8000 obo
  12. C

    Superjet cranks but no start / no spark? Easily check the start/stop switch first

    Here's a quick video on how to determine whether the start/stop switch is causing your starting issue. Common failure on all 2-cycle SJs.
  13. Austen15

    2014 Superjet 701cc STOCK

    Located in Loveland CO. This is a great running ski and all stock. Has a new starter, bendix gear, and battery.. Minus the paint peeling on the hood, this is a great daily driver. $7,000 and no trades please. Buyer must handle all shipping arrangements, I will only build the crate and meet...
  14. M

    FOUND (please delete) WTB OEM SJ Fuel Filler Hose

    Looking for NEW or Like New superjet fuel filler hose. the one that goes from fuel cap to the to the tank Please PM if you have one OEM has no ETA
  15. L

    ISO SJ

    Looking to buy an SJ preferably 2013 or newer. Would like to see mods on it as well.... B pipe, bars, footholds, ect. Have cash in hand and am willing to pay shipping or I will use my trucking company to pick it up. Located in Michigan
  16. vern96

    Freestyle skis ontario

    Im after a complete freestyle ski close to Ontario, with the borders being closed the states isint really an option. mostly after a flatwater ski but will occasionally chase boats with it, looking to see whats out there in ontario
  17. J

    Used 2016 Rickter FR2 SOLD

    length overall (LOA): 7 propulsion type: power I am selling my 2016 Rickter FR2. This ski is registered in Massachusetts as a 2016 Rickter FR2. Copy of last (current) registration will go with ski. This has been a great all around ski. Fun on the lake chasing boats and an animal in the surf! The...
  18. A

    Fuel vapor issue

    I am restoring a 2001 superjet and I’ve pretty much rebuilt and completed everything. But every time the machine sits for a bit with its hood on There a strong fuel smell when the hood is taken off. I’ve checked extensively for leaks and there is none, and the tank holds pressure. My best guess...
  19. Domdomtro


    I have an xscream/xmetal handle pole for sale as is. custom art on top looks sweet. I have two so no use for this one. Make me an offer need gone $450
  20. Domdomtro


    I have a nice waterbox wrapped in turf. Not sure the brand but it sounds sick with my bpipe. $125 make me an offer
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