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  • YOU ARE A FUNNY ONE! 2 weeks. pshhhhh can you imagine the pain i feel!
    Sad part is now I owe my wife $1050.00 bucks from income tax...............hoping we can work out some kind of trade.
    Sorry to hear your out of work, I have been out since last september.
    hey babe how ya been. so whats new i left you a message with abunch of questions and stuff ill call you again soon
    Yeah Thank's I appreciate it. Damm I am sorry about your rig I have never seen hale like that I hope you have insurance.
    Howdy lady!
    Things are great on this end.....as you know we were with the Q over the weekend and heard about you and the job!! Good and bad news I guess!! However, I think that it will work out in the end...cheers ttys!
    Congrat's I hope you find something you like now. Enjoy the jet skiing, I just turned over a new leaf and bought a round nose hull last week I should see it here in a few week's. it's got to be shipped here by barge, this is kawi country here lol. take care and stay happy
    How are you doing in the work place ? My son is having job problem's with a a-hole boss right now and I thought about you, hope all is well.
    I saw your message on myspace. I couldn't let you do that honey! Very sweet though!
    Hey lady! Sry I haven't replied to text...keep getting distracted by stuff. Can't wait to see you and hear what has been up!
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