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    ET 50mm billet carbs

    Hmm they look nice but in a certain reason i seen this exact design on some billet carbs before this brand of carbs where even introduced :eek::confused:.
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    TJ setback pump 160/83

    Thanks for the reply, that is a good idea to overlook yes
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    TJ setback pump 160/83

    TJ Products is glad to introduce the all new TJ 160/83 lightweight pump, as the next step to the complete RTR TJ drivetrain. TJ Products is a young company that has been arisen from a hobby and competition riding to a high quality manufactoring company. My wife and i have been riding...
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    What pump for xscream dvx

    No the 158 u can order at skat trak. Or u can cut down a 160 and to weld on a 155 is also possible. Even we have diff size pumps from 158 to 162
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    What pump for xscream dvx

    We are continious working on improvements. At the moment i believe there is room for better and more budget friendly products we started 1,5 year ago an spending 100% of all earnings back in R&D one side to keep improving and the second step to optimize production and we are not done yet. Here...
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    What pump for xscream dvx

    This is a test with our TJ pump ski is a 900cc setup on pumpgas with TJ52 carbs TJ pump and TJ waterbox
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    No wake flips with LSP Revolver

    Lsp revolver Maxx 160-83 16 vain XS 1200r engine 49 full specs PFP
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    Custom/Hybrid Girl's Amateur Freestyle build

    Hi Amanda, Its Jessi here (dont have an account here so do it with my boyfriends account) got some advice for you and putted a movie from my first flip on setup wake i think you need to slow down a bit and push the nose down and then lean back while leaving the wake then look back and pull the...
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    Custom/Hybrid Girl's Amateur Freestyle build

    I agree with Jace hit the first wake in Jessi's movie you can see some wake hits from an above vieuw to get a feeling for the timing and where to hit the first wake hope it can help a bit.
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    New movie Girl freestyle

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    2013 Flatwater

    Its really a very fun hull to ride predictable and stable. Really a nice ski with perfect finish this is the fiberglass version that is pretty ligth 85lb with a safe setup 1100 (180psi)on pumpgas Even a really competitive priced hull
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    2013 Flatwater

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    Custom/Hybrid 155 Pump Questions

    It will work with a decent pitched prop what you will notice is that the powerband is much shorter it will pull much harder but you will loose speed dramaticly
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    Some flatwater freestyle

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    Jessi Wijdeven Double Girl Flip

    Yes the Revolver helps real good this is in my opinion the best freestyle hull at the moment turns so fast rotate easy and recover real fast. also my girl is on fire :) she really is motivated with freestyle and can perform a lot tricks at the moment like flat spin 360,180 to backflip,tripple...
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