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    What's your view look like today?

    Just saw this on Craigslist..lolol
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    When you buy on Ebay, don't be fooled.

    An update! :) Now they are hiding their home country where things get billed if you just click on their name.. Now you have to click on their feedback rating to see where their "base" is.
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    The Wango Tango, The Running man, and The Undertaker

    I remember back in 98' when I d/l one of these videos from home and it took over 8 hours to d/l 30 megabytes...hahahaha. After that I went down to my cousins shop where they were the internet providers in our small town and down loaded the rest on the T1 connection. Ah, the good ol' days of...
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    When you buy on Ebay, don't be fooled.

    There are a ton of Ebay sellers now that look like they are based in the USA and have USA seller all over their account and thumbnail items, but many of the sellers on ebay now are Chinese nationals living in China. The money from their sales go right back into the Chinese economy and not ours...
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    MISTAKE; What exactly is a 63N motor ?

    Thats just 62T cases w/ 62T 701 cylinder, with dual 38's. It came from a XL700, which is the same as a WaveVenture only with a different newer updated steering pod(starting 2006).
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    SBT buys out Hydro-turf and HT Moto

    Yeah I never really liked the Black Tip material. I have seen and felt it from a kit that my friend had a year or so ago. I've always been a Hydro-turf guy myself. Love the B stock for the $$. I hope they keep it separate.
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    SBT buys out Hydro-turf and HT Moto

    Marine and powersports entrepreneur, Greg Pickren, has acquired Hydro-Turf from founder, Arno Olbricht. “Hydro-Turf has been for over thirty years and still is the leader in watercraft traction mats and seat covers, and we are extremely excited about this acquisition. Mr. Olbricht certainly...
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    Yam 62t case half

    I dont care what anybody says, in the old days I used to mix and match some Yamaha 61X 62T 6M6 top and bottom cases and never had a problem... They sealed up nicely and the crank spun freely, what more do you want? :D Would I recommend it? No,thats up to you.. haha
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    2019 Sebastian Freeride -November 1-3, 2019

    I love Sebby. I've been there a couple times in my life. The worst part were the smelly/fishy launch ramps, but that was in 2000, maybe they are better now. lol Have fun!
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    Oldies but goodies.

    So cracks me up on that one. It has Randy Laine Surf Master! Then at the top of the mag says WaveJammer tricks...haha Poor Yamaha just had the silly looking WaveJammer then. Its kinda hard to believe they waited till 1990 to release a standup.
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    Oldies but goodies.

    Some more front covers-
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    Oldies but goodies.

    I have about 70-80 mags going back to 1987-88 to about 2003. Mostly Splash(oldest ones), Jet Sports, Watercraft World, and WaterCraft Scooter. Here is Splash April 1988 assorted pages.
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    Super Jet advice on what to do next

    Ya, sometimes water can get by the stator cover and thats why I always silicone both sides of the gasket for insurance. BUT, that rust on your reed stops are the real sign that water has gotten inside the engine and sat for sometime. So, like said above, your crank is a ticking time bomb(may...
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