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    SuperJet - R&D Afterburner Pump Stuffer

    Evening topper
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    SuperJet - R&D Afterburner Pump Stuffer

    Up for sale! One of my favorite bolt on mods is my R&D Afterburner pump stuffer for the 144 SuperJet stock pumps. The blue has faded off but it's just for the eye candy effect :) $340 usd shipped
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    Kawasaki 650 X2

    You might find some engine mod ideas here... Completed 650SX Build - From 50Hp to 60+ | X-H2o
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    Combo Hitch Hauler/ Beach Cart Design - Please Critique My Plans

    Add gussets as long as possible under the rails from the 2x2 square tube. It will give a huge boost in strength and help reduce if not eliminate any flexing from road bumps or loading and maybe add 1/8" thick flat bar strapping closer the the ends to help keep the rails from spreading open over...
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    Is this chamber junk?

    If you do the torch heating method and do it yourself just keep a laser temp tester ready. Aluminum goes to the molten state at 660* Celsius ( about 1350* F).
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    Jet Ski Mentor

    I've always had an appreciation for Ross Champion. I like his style and his demeanor suggests he's a pretty relaxed guy. He's a bit of a comedian too from what I recall. It's too bad he's not in the sport anymore. I often wonder if he still rides or is totally out of it now. It just seems like...
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    Where to get Thicker Mikuni Check Valves

    Double up on the check valves and test. If it's still dribbling add one more. You can max out at 3 but more than likely the dribbling is because your popoff is too low and the engine vibration is bouncing the needle valve off the seat.
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    760 OEM flywheel charging issues

    Yup, same here but on a 62t/61x platform. A friend of mine has a nicely modded B1, had an aluminum msd lightened charging flywheel on it but the wheel developed a crack at the taper fit. Had to pull it and put on a stock 62t wheel. Never noticed a thing in spin up time. One thing to mention...
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    Linux Mint 21.1....LOVE IT!!!....goodbye Windblows!

    I tried so many times to get Playonlinux and wine working, they're just not good lol. The best option I have heard of is to just run a virtual machine of windows in Linux.
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    New NOCO Lithium Batteries

    This pack I had took most of the night to charge, at least 7 hours. I thought there had to be something wrong with it. I was thinking after the second or third charge it would finally take to maybe a cycling process and then hold a good long charge but nope, 2 days max and then the power...
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    New NOCO Lithium Batteries

    Interesting timing to see this thread. I was on vacation to Florida, got to meet one of my favorite peeps in the industry, one Mr. JetManiac :) ...I really can't say enough good about the man...but fanboy props aside, I bought a Noco jumper pack as an emergency backup for either cell phone...
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    Linux Mint 21.1....LOVE IT!!!....goodbye Windblows!

    I just finished getting win10 installed on the gf's new to her older laptop. The laptop itself is a really good machine and quite fast, after updating win10 the most recent one, now when I shutdown the OS closes but doesn't turn off the power to the system. So now to shut it down I have to hold...
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    Linux Mint 21.1....LOVE IT!!!....goodbye Windblows!

    The newest edition of it is really fast and just a pleasure to use. I'm totally sold on the Mint, I love everything about it now that I'm used to using it. It's my daily driver, I use it for online transactions where I totally don't trust ms crap to let me keep my confidential information to...
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