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    650/X-2 Best carb for 650sx

    Make sure the tank is venting.
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    Thats true, the strength of composites come from the fiber, or to a much lesser extent the filler in the resin. Some cheap low temp epoxy will get soft over time, especially when oil gets on it. "Good and cheap" epoxy is hard to find.
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    Riding Stance

    It seems like many riders are staying in their footholds all the time. It may work for you, If not then try some full length slots so you can stand anywhere in the tray and still hold on to the ski.
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    Converting 550sx to PJS Intake Manifold & Mikuni SBN 44 ?

    A Mikuni SBN44 is on the large size for a reed 550. Im sure it will work as long as the rpm is high enough. You need to already know how to tune a carb before the "I need a bigger carb" game is played. If you ever have to ask others what jets to use then master tuning your Keihin first.
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    Best LiPo battery for TL ignition?

    All the aftermarket lithium powersports batteries are LiFe because LiPo is too dangerous. Jetski riders tend to have problems with them because they are a little too small for the task at 3lbs. LiFe should weigh 1/2 what a reliable lead battery weighs.
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    Different strokes

    I said the same thing in 1990 as far as low power and poor hookup. I think their goal was to make a ski that anyone could get on and never fall off. And one that floats when someone swamps it. Their big selling points are the gas guage and the little kid power limit. I don't know any...
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    New smells

    TCW3 could easily be a better lubricant but it would smoke more. The other specs like JASO are for air cooled applications. The main priority is making less smoke while maintaining as much lubrication as we had in 1970. A 40HP 125cc race engine needs better oil, everything else is fine on...
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    Different strokes

    A large company cannot change its products fast enough to keep up with the whims of customers, especially young ones. Making a standup that a fit and experienced rider wants would leave most of the actual buyers frustrated on the beach.
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    New smells

    I just finished my last $6.99 gallon of pre-Obama oil.
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    New smells

    Not the same as R50. Seems to be very similar to all their other gasoline only formulas.
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    Super Chicken

    Its funny how jetskiers have an OMG moment when they see an old one that hasn't been neglected or destroyed.
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    Different strokes

    It has nothing to do with the engine type. Yamaha designed this Superjet as a rec ski using parts at hand. If it was a race ski it would have been at least as good as the Kawasaki is.
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    Is this the skat 9/17 to get?

    Thats an early 9-17. They are about the right load and run smooth. Use a 650sx nozzle with that impeller and you will feel the ski pull harder. The old skat props were hard on splines since they used an O-ring for a seal and very few riders though about sealing them up.
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    2021 SuperJet - Freestyle disappointments

    All Superjets are relatively long and will handle riders over 6 feet tall and 200+ pounds. Small riders can shorten them up a lot and still get them planed easily. Start by shortening a stock rideplate. You may need to shorten the pole when you figure out what you want.
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    Super Jet Richer high speed screw on rear carb of dual 38s?

    Fuel mixture requirements will almost always vary between cylinders. Kawasakis hot cylinder is usually the front. Its a little time consuming but always start rich of peak power and lean each carb until either rpm stops increasing or throttle response suffers.
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