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    Ski Skis for sale at Daytona

    EME Carbon mix Roid for sale in WI. (Not going to Daytona)
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    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Take care Jet...... Zig
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    Times be changing....

    I have never met Darrin in person, but we have talked over the years, and I consider him a friend. I have been here since the beginning, and I THANK YOU for all you have done here over the years. Big K, and Jr, I have met, and I consider you two friends as well... And thanks for your work...
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    Looking for some 62t reeds and a 10-16 impeller.

    New Boyesen reed pedals here. Also good used OE cages if you need. New Hooker 10/16 impellers. John
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    Want to Buy Clean couch mounts

    Fresh water, OE, clean, low hour ones here, $20 ea, or $60 for four. Prices + ship You can order here; John
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    Front latch replacements?

    Mike at Northwet in Salem OR makes billet FX1 front hood mounts. Not sure if this is a good number any more. It is what I found from google 503-585-5675 He posts around as "Wetracer" . I have his personal cell, but not sure if he wants that given out.
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    550sx setup?

    We have correct 550 quick steer plates in stock. 650 one is shorter, and bushings are totally different. 750 one the throw is different, and it does not hit the steer stop on your sub plate, and could damage your cable. Edit / add - to run our steer plated on a 550 "SX" you will need to find...
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    Blowsion vs RRP Steering Discussion

    See..... Good thing you are here.... lol. Happy holidays Big K!!!
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    Blowsion vs RRP Steering Discussion

    I want to be clear, the above is "My opinion". My opinions are based on 30 + years of real life building skis. NOT what I read on facebook, pwctoday, or even here for that matter. (No disrespect Big K. LOL) Zig
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    Blowsion vs RRP Steering Discussion

    It is my experience here, building / working on skis the RRP system is far superior to the Bloswion system. The last ski I had here with a Blowsion system needed a rebuild. It is "Blowsion specific" tapered bearings, kind like a trailer wheel bearing. Difficult to replace the outer bearing...
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    Nozzle shape

    Nozzles with different volumes will change/affect thrust. Think of it like adding a short Wet Wolf freestyle cone on your pump, allowing the water to collapse sooner out of the stator veins increases volume, and thrust. (Similar to a larger exit ID). A nozzle with less volume will increase...
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    F.S. EME Carbon ROID, New Build $12,000

    Still available.
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    FISH's DVD re-release Excellent Race tour Video adventure, VINTAGE

    Now in stock and for sale here, Re-release of Fish's Excellent Adventure. DVD of the lifestyle 1991 race tour. Lots of vintage, girls, racing, freestyle, rapids, etc. $15 + ship You tube trailer;
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