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    I'm back after too many years and have tons of new videos

    Thanks for sharing!
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    So long and thanks for all the fish

    Thanks for all of your work in keeping this site going. Sad to see you go.
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    Can this be repaired?

    Try some clear Nail Polish on the Carbon
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    Black Friday Sales 2020

    Blowsion has great deals on Helmets, Suits and Vests.
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    SOLD2019 Rickter Edge fs Visual textreme

    Great ski, makes me want to buy a 2nd one but I think my wife would seriously kill me.
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    What's your view look like today?

    Nice EYE, yes I just dug into the bag that has the original tags and wetsuit patch material. He purchased this on 5-27-1989!
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    What's your view look like today?

    Yes the good old days. We called that wagon the Jet Mobile. This was our trailer for 2 550s that fit perfectly. We would back it right into the water to launch then store them in there. It had heavy duty springs in the back to handle the weight. When we didn't have skiis in it it would...
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    What's your view look like today?

    Got a chance to wear my dad's 1986 Jetpilot racing wetsuit! Still have the top, the gloves are finally starting to give
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    Best lipo battery for limited slip tank with batt box

    Cant tell on this one. I just purchased it a few weeks ago. So far so good, it does have a 1.5 year warranty. I had a similar WPS battery that lasted 2 seasons with it being sealed. After 1.5 seasons I noticed the 5200 was coming off on the seam where the top of the battery is connected to...
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    Best lipo battery for limited slip tank with batt box

    I have the WPS 2518 and it fits like a glove in the 3.7 LS Tank with a single layer of turf wrapped around it. Some sites advertise it as 360 CCA but its really 300 CCA. I sealed the terminals and battery with 5200. Part Number Fire Power Voltage (V) CCA Polarity L W H Weight (lbs)...
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    Other NEW 2021 Rickter EDGE Release.

    Seems like a 2020 Edge with Factory Installed Sponsons to improve the handling. This was an option in 2019 and 2020 now its a standard feature. The sponsons on my ski are great and am happy I had them installed at the factory.
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    Water in ear

    I wear a helmet and use a nose clip, def helps unless It gets blown off from a bad landing.
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    Freestyle Achieving max steering throw

    You can grind the side of the pump a little to get additional throw. Be careful not to grind all the way thru it.
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    62T Flywheel - What are these?

    On a 62T Flywheel what are these 6 Black pieces? Magnets? Hoping its just plastic but wondering if they have a use?
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    Want to Buy Rickter Edge Ride Plate

    Ribbit - Sorry cant help you. Have a medium but am keeping it as a backup incase the short becomes too short.
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