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I recently sent my TPE 1021 to Paul for a complete preventative maintenance overhaul (Top end and Crank rebuild). Being in CA and Paul in GA, I was a little hesitant to crate it up and pay high shipping prices. After a few discussions with Paul over the phone, he sent me a quote of the worst case scenerio via email and told me what to expect as long as turn around time. He definitely made me feel comfortable with my decision and never once talked down to me or rushed me off the phone. He notified me when he received the package and then when he started working on the motor. Once he completed his final inspection, he called me to disucuss the work that would occur and asked for a final approval. He promptly completed the work and I received the motor back in a very timely manner. I was really impressed with the detail that he talked to me about the work he was going to do, why it was important, and was happily surprised that the final bill was actually less than the quoted amount.

Since receiving the engine back I have called Paul with many questions, and he is happy to talk to me and help me out. Being a weekend warrior that just loves to ride its nice to have an expert like Paul to help me with out with the little questions or concerns that might be hard to get answered on my own. If your looking to get your special motor rebuilt and are hesitant to ship it away. like i was, you may want to call Paul and see if he can help you.

Thank you for all the help Paul!
Paul did the port work on my 760 and supplied the pistons, etc. and even recommended jetting specs for my build. The ski runs phenomenally well, way above my skill level.

You don't have a transaction with Paul, it's a relationship. For those folks wanting to cut corners and cost elsewhere, it's not worth it. Spend the money and create a bond with a great supporter of this sport.

LPW all the way!
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