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    the trivial complaints thread

    Your mechanic next time he puts the car up on the lift..
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    Rad Flywheel And Stator Cover

    Hmmmm… 310.99
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    How long should a carbon hull last?

    I expect to see about 4-5 months out of my superfreak now that my hands have been on it :)
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    SOLD Scam Post 2

    Master con man… playing 3d chess here lol.
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    Rad Flywheel And Stator Cover

    3 300 :)
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    Opinion for jetting

    Glad you got one issue sorted out! if you post a video of it I’m 99% sure I can tell you if you’re experiencing a lean or rich condition. Either way 3/8th throttle is where the high speed jet takes over for the low speed. Try bumping up 5 points on the low speed to rule out a lean condtion...
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    Opinion for jetting

    When you have this “delay” does the motor sound like it’s about to shut off momentarily? Or does it sound like it’s sputtering then gradually climb in rpm? You need to be able to differentiate between a lean hesitation and rich stumble. If your motor is shutting off at full throttle (WOT = wide...
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    superjet 701 rev issue

    Have you tried putting fuel right down your carbs and opening the throttle to see if it will rev? Then you’ll at least know if it’s a fuel delivery issue or ignition issue.
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    Yamaha 701 With High Compression And Tight Squish

    I’ve run tons of motors at .035 squish clearance including big bore stroker motors and never once had a piston hit my head. .032 is pushing it. I had a buddy that ran at .030 that did have a piston hit the head when he left the water and never let off the throttle. .04 is the general safe...
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    Opinion for jetting

    If you can describe what you’re feeling at what throttle position better it will be a lot easier for someone to steer you in the right direction. Sounds like the delay is a major rich condition starting at 1/2 throttle or so that clears up at WOT? Here is a excerpt from the super BN guide, it’s...
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    Lol, the dude who got their accounts (obviously the same guy “selling”the b pipe) is such a sped. When he sent me a thread to “GT’s” post and said “look I’m not the only one requesting F&F” it had me cracking up. Oh and “what no I’m not a scammer” lol
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    SOLD Scam Post 2

    Good thinking.
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    There are a few other deals going now that seem kinda fishy but from relatively well known (or very well known) users, people getting hacked? Check parts for sale, no one is safe!!!
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    SOLD Scam Post 2

    Damn man.. hope you get your account back
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    Engine 0 hours 772 big bore 61x/62t motor

    You underestimate the value of my grandma… gonna have to throw in another case to even come close!!
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