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    SOLD LSP Revolver R carbon

    $4500 obo

    SOLD LSP Revolver R carbon

    $5000 USD or best offer and will be in Havasu 10/6 thru 10/11 for world finals. Motivated to sell, I’m focused on riding surf and other endeavors.

    SOLD LSP Revolver R carbon

    I think it’s a 2017. Not sure.

    SOLD LSP Revolver R carbon

    Sold locally Posting up my hull for sale it will include: Ride plate Pole bracket Intake grate Adjustable footholds Pump shoe for 155mm pump This is a full carbon hull, very light Just some minor scratches and gelcoat cracks, no major damage. Pole and steering NOT included Located in...

    SOLD 6/14, 5/10 155mm long blade impellers

    - clean 760 electronics with the zeeltronics brain and USB connection cable. Comes with everything pictured -sold -skat 6/14 long blade cut back 155mm impeller -sold -skat 5/10 long blade thin blade cut back 155mm impeller (pics coming soon) -sold Both impellers are in excellent condition no...

    WTB dasa 850 SS,

    Looking for a stock stroke dasa 850 or similar setup. Preferably a short block package.

    SOLD Power factor pipe complete

    Price dropped to $1350

    SOLD Power factor pipe complete

    SOLD I have a complete power factor pipe kit for sale, it was only installed and ran for two short rides. Manifold is not ported or modified. $1350 shipped in cont. USA, buyer covers pp fees.

    SOLD Rickter XFR hull, pole and extras “starter kit”

    2016 Rickter XFR Good condition Includes: Hull Ninja footholds 155 Rickter pump shoe RRP billet pole Oem pole bracket, oem spring, oem bolt breather tubes Ninja chinpad blowsion OVP steering blowsion strait handlebars short and medium ride plates factory rear bolt sponsons Asking $7000usd for...
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    M1 or xfr

    Selling my 2016 XFR soon. PMd you.
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    Case porting

    I’m putting together 62t 735 with a jet maniac/blue ported cylinder, seeing if anybody offers case porting services.
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    Trade 6/14 for 11/17

    Looking to trade my 6/14 long blade for a 11/17 long blade, 155 skat impellers.
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    Blowsion chinpad

    still waiting on Blowsion a month later. nobody has one lying around?
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    Blowsion chinpad

    Looking for Blowsion chinpad for Blowsion billet pole
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