SOLD Rickter XFR hull, pole and extras “starter kit”

2016 Rickter XFR
Good condition
Ninja footholds
155 Rickter pump shoe
RRP billet pole
Oem pole bracket, oem spring, oem bolt breather tubes
Ninja chinpad
blowsion OVP steering
blowsion strait handlebars
short and medium ride plates
factory rear bolt sponsons

Asking $7000usd for package listed above.

I will consider shipping it but the buyer must coordinate the shipping and assume all liability. Located in Concord, CA.

I’ve had the ski since new, for five years it’s been a great ski that can do anything well.

Surf riding small and large days with a 701 to 9 flat water flips in row with a 1107.

Structurally sound, only a couple inches of gelcoat cracks for riding five years. This ski is a tank.

For additional cost I also have all the parts to build a ski a complete turn key with a 760cc engine, power factor pipe, OEM 155 pump.

going to add more pictures or it stripped down shortly.
Thanks for looking.


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