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My plan, when I get around to setting up my 62t, is to program a flat curve, say 15 degrees, check with timing light at various different rpm's and adjust the delay until I get a flat curve, then re-adjust the static angle if needed so that the timing matches my programed value.

To me, ideally you want the delay setting "correct" so that things don't vary with rpm, then you want the static offset "correct" so that you get the actual curve that you program, then program your curve.

But, in reality, as long as whatever combination of settings you have works, then it doesn't actually matter, you just have to be careful using somebody else's curve if you're not sure if the delay and/or static angle are not set up the same as yours or if there is something about their combination that would cause things to be different, because you might end up effectively with a different curve and not know it.

Definitely appreciate both Wax and Jr without their efforts we'd still be talking about how far to turn the stator with an enhancer.
This is what i do/did. this is why i never had to play with the compensation. It works the way zeel has it set with no variance in the timing as shown by the timing light.
Hows the reliability been on these 62T units?

I've been around long enough to remember the 30 years of horror with 61X/62T CDI's.....only aftermarket CDI that worked real good for me and others was the early "first" purple Vilders. Then I had one of the first prototype advents that worked but I disconnected the negative after every single ride.
OEM or aftermarket?
Sorry my post was strictly aftermarket (Horror of aftermarket) My question is around the reliability of the 62t zeel now that it’s been out over a year. Early Vilders worked for most us in mid late 90’s (small purple versions by Kova?). The early Enhancers, in the 90’s, lasted for the most part too. After that I can’t recall a solid aftermarket 61x/62t option. I got lucky for one season with my Advent but it was one of the first from Bob.
This is a screenshot of the stock Y62T settings.
you need to use these on all Y62T zeel cdi
0f course your maps will be differant according to motor requirments

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