White Trash Build 440/650

So just like the title says, it’s white and was someone’s trash.
I was going to look at a couple junk seadoo’s that a neighbors friend had one day at lunch and was passing by the local auto salvage yard and just happened to see a jetski sitting in the dirt in front of their security gate with the hood off. So not waiting to leave a fallen soldier behind I flipped a u and stopped to see what was up. I didn’t even stop at the ski as I walked into the office to inquire about the seemingly decent ski in the dirt out front. I asked the guys what’s up with the ski and the guy says it was dumped last night and he has to pay $300 to dispose of them since the fiberglass is considered hazardous material and people dump them all the time. So I asked if it was for sale and he responded with he’ll help load it if I just get it out of his sight.
Hells yes! So I grab the ski and give him my business card in case someone just happens to abandon another ski.

Btw the Seadoo’s were seized turds and not worth anything.
So I got her home and she’s filthy but actually not that bad except for the carb, head and exhaust manifold missing.




Now the big question, what to do with it..... first things first part out or keep? I just can’t stand the thought of parting out decent skis as I like to save them but never liked the 550/440 hulls. But I’m also a sucker for stock graphics and 90’s skis so........ on to question #2, is it stolen and can I get a title. So after a trip to the DMV it’s not stolen, and now is in my name with a clean title and registration.

So what do we have to work with? Let’s find out.



Engine is junk.

Is it bad when it’s full of water?


Well, it’s a 1991 440 that by the looks of things has been sitting a long time and wasn’t really used that much. Even the OEM impeller looks mint.
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So I have a 91’ SN https://www.x-h2o.com/threads/193625/ that was going to be a loaner ski then my 10 year old son claimed it and has been riding that so We pulled the 650 and installed a 701, guess I need a new loaner especially since I have a few 16 year old second cousin girls that want to learn to ride skis.
So....... we have a perfectly good complete Yamaha 650 with electronics sitting under the water heater.....

And a pretty good 440 hull so let the Yamasaki build begin. Sleeper anyone?
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I decided to see how the ski would clean up since I really like skis to look minty fresh.

First step is a good wash and pressure wash.

Much better.

Then remove all stickers that aren’t OEM.


Finally mask for buffing.

I like to mask off all the factory stickers then buff with heavy cut compound then medium to fine cut then remove the masking tape and do everything including the graphics with machine glaze.

Hood turned out amazing so hopefully the rest comes out just as good.

Onto the hull, bottoms up.

Looks great.
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Damn how time flies. Been 2 years since I worked on this and with last year having the lakes dry and emergency back surgery nothing got done.
I’m 9 months since L4-L5 surgery and finally feel like I’m getting better, it’s been a very long and painful journey.
My son’s long time friend is showing interest in working on skis so the 13 year old is going to help the old man get this ski ready for an end of June multi family camping trip.

Yesterday we got it out of storage, inventoried parts, made a list and finished buffing the hull





Making progress. Hull is buffed and done and got all the OEM mat glue stripped.


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Nice! Those are my favorite JS graphics. Are you adding a bulkhead brace since it’ll be 650 powered? Or another option could be a 550 pump & driveshaft if you happen to have them available.
Nice! Those are my favorite JS graphics. Are you adding a bulkhead brace since it’ll be 650 powered? Or another option could be a 550 pump & driveshaft if you happen to have them available.

I poached a 550 driveshaft/carrier and pump from my friends honey hole so no driveshaft brace required. The 550 impeller just arrived from Impros that was repitched to a straight 19 degree.
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