Spark plugs and Fuel filters

WFO Speedracer

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The shipping on Rockauto is what gets you, I needed radiator hose on the Yota , I got them cheaper from Advance auto then I could from Rock auto once the shipping was figured in.

I have a Carquest charge account but I don't use that much anymore because they don't give me my perks bucks.

I buy from Advance online and get a 15% off coupon plus I did two separate orders so I could use up my perks bucks another $10.00 off , the total for two hoses yesterday was $42.05.

But wait, that's not all folks, you also get Shell gasoline credits, right now I have 10 cents off per gallon and it keeps stacking up but you have to use it or you lose it and you can only get 20 gallons with the discounted price.

I am a VIP member right now VIP members get 10% towards perks bucks but soon I will hit Elite status and then you get 25% more towards perks bucks .

Elite is reached by spending $500.00 per year.
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Are you buying oem parts? If you are getting the cheaper stuff the prices are about the same everywhere. But the GM/AcDelco parts have been significantly less compared to places like amazon and napa. (we dont have any local Advanced auto where I live) Shipping isn't bad for me. I just got a starter and a few parts for my truck and it was 14$ for shipping and should be here in 2 days.
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