Xscream kdx 1200 part out

Xscream 1200 c2 hand ported by Chucky. Many hours in detailed porting back in 202 when this ski was at world finals.

I rebuilt the motor in January of 2022 and have rode it 5 times at most.

Rebuilt crank by c57 racing

New pistons,gaskets, seals from xscream.

Motor is in perfect shape and should last many years.

Compression is 225 in each hole.

Comes with

Starter, Bendix, flywheel cover, bed plates, intake manifold, v force reeds.


Power factor pipe in perfect shape. No cracks or leaked and it is ran dry. New flow control valve. Complete kit $1300

Msd total loss, perfect condition, comes with everything. Flywheel, pick up plate, pick ups, start stop switch, cables. Ready to run $2000

Full spec 49s, jetted perfectly for this motor. $1000

Skat trac 155 14 vein set back mag pump literally not two months old, 10/18 cutback long thin blade prop, xscream ls-10 small bore trim, wsm wear ring, trim cable,trim lever, new skat driveshaft, new one bearings. All pump work done by high speed industries. $3600

Fuel tank $75

Antigravity 16 $200

Xscream kdx hull, light weight build 46 pound bare hull. Included, xscream pole, steering, throttle lever, throttle cable, motor mounts, steering cable, midshaft, ride plate, xscream custom intake grate, new scuppers, new rrp 155 pump shoe, brand new paint top to bottom house of kolor. Several thousand dollar paint job! Hull is registered as a xscream kdx


Everything is obo, worst I can say is no. Only parting when hull or motor sell.

I’m willing to ship everything. Pm with any questions



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