Need Help With Oil Selection

I just bought a 06 SJ the motor isn’t stock
And was wondering what kind of oil should I mix with this 2stroke… the guy has been using Lucas Oil in it and said he got it last year and didn’t even ride it a hand full of times. The motor its self looks very clean like they built it up and barely used it. Only has 15hrs on the vibration meter. I’m sure this question has been out a bunch before.
Thanks for the help

Mike W

North Florida
Yamalube is what is recommended by the manufacturer. I use the Mercury oil from Walmart. Or if you want to use some high end oil, then Klotz Skicraft is at the top of the list.
I just ordered 4 gallons of that because it is literally cheaper than any other oil that I knew about. I was burning through a lot of Supertech on my "mild" skis, I do spring for better stuff on the higher end motors although I'm not completely convinced it's needed.

My group has burned through 5 gallons so far. Plenty of 10+ second WOT pulls and race course laps at body beach combined with general river and cold high alpine lake abuse here in Colorado. Its boringly dependable oil and doesn't smell like supertech.

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I think the oil you run depends on what you are running it in , high dollar motor, run high dollar synthetic oil especially if it's a stroker or power valve motor, stock 650 , 701 or with a few mods buy the cheapest thing you can find, running high dollar oil in those doesn't make any sense , eventually you will have spent enough money on oil that you could have just bought a new top end.
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