Cheap beach cart possibility

I didn't want to pay the big bucks on a prebuilt one, so I made plans and built two so far for myself. I'm able to get a reasonable price on aluminum stock through work, but the total for all the materials still comes out to about $350 if you're using the large 21" smooth tires. Luckily it only takes a couple slow days at work to cut and weld them together. You can get the price down to $275 if you get 18" tires. Bonus is you've got more durable tires and tubes, and steel rims with bearings that won't shatter when you bounce off of something hard.

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Where did you buy those tires? I just bought this last night for $50 and I want to put bigger tires on it so that I can move my little Seadoo around as well once I’m done making it like yours.


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the n800's work well because of the 12" width. As far as i'm aware the only other tire choices are 18" diameter and stay around 9" wide, plus have some sort of tread pattern that holds sand.
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